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or will you get burned?

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a rating community
can you take the heat?

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Intoxthexfire is one of livejournal's newest and hottest rating communities. Only those who have what it takes, on the inside and outside will be accepted. This IS a rating community, so if you can't take the heat, get out of the fire.
The Hotties

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Miranda Adria,

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1. Put us on your friends list. Duh.
2. Whetever the Mods say, goes. You get on our bad side, we will make your life a living hell. Kthxbye.
3. NO FUCKING INTERNET DRAMA. Your ass will get banned before you know what hit you.
4. Mark your entries STAMPED if you've been accepted.
5. Entries should be FRIENDS-ONLY!
6. If you want to promote, post it in the entry designated for promoting.
9. LJ-Cuts are your best friend.
8. Be active, promote intoxthexfire, and have fun kiddos!

This is just a side note. I (daylightrobb3ry), as your head moderater, am not bothered by high-contrast, funny angles, and other photo manipulation. You can hate on it as much as you want, but the second you post pictures that are photoshopped, contrasty, or at a weird angle I will rip your ass and there's nothing you can do about it. I fucking hate hypocrites. Thank you, have a nice day.
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Rules for Applying
1. You must be 15 or older. With maturity comes beauty. However, if you believe otherwise, you may apply and try to sway members. It may not work.
3. Fill out the entire thing, damnit.
4. Make your subject read "Can you feel the heat?"
5. Don't post anywhere except your application until you are accepted.
6. Don't thank every person who voted "yes." That gets old real quick.
7. Your LJ-Cut should read "Don't get burned"
8. Again, this is a rating community. If someone doesn't like you, don't talk back. Tough shit.
9. Post your application within 48 hours of joining.
10. If you get rejected, suck it up and you can re-apply in 5 days with all new pictures

Now, onto the

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Promotions . 1 pt each
Text Only . 4 pts
Pictures . 10 pts for every 5
Top 5 . 10 pts
Weekly Picture Theme . 20 pts
Online Scavenger Hunt . 10 pts
Live Scavenger Hunt . 40 pts
Winning a Contest . 20 pts
Winning a Challenge . 50 pts
Making Banners . 5-20 pts each (depends on how much we like it)
Getting a Member To Join . 50 points

Top 5
Picture Theme
Online Scavenger Hunt
Live Scavenger Hunt

None thus far

So. If you decide you absolutely cannot stand someone who made it into the community, you can simply challenge them out. Here's the catch: It can backfire and then you will be asked to leave. Challenes should follow these guidelines:
. Subject should read "yourusername vs. whoeveryouchallenge"
. Post 5 of your best pictures behind an LJ-Cut
. The member being challenged has 48 hrs to respond with 5 of their best pictures
. The community then votes for their pick with their choice's username in the subject
. If you lose, you are removed from the community, but may re-apply in 5 days
. Mods may not be challenged
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ALL SISTER COMMUNITIES: All mods of sister communities will be auto-accepted. Sorry, but the members will have to go through the voting process. We're trying to be select here.
Post HERE to become a sister community.
model_bonding . __hot_or_not___ . exxtraa_beauty . prettypoisonxx . _thehot . prettylegends

Don't get burned...